leading SMS trading platform.

Ideal platform for Wholesale, retail and enterprice  SMS trading

SMS Wholesale Platform including Carrier Flexibility

SMSSQUAD is a platorm for SMS aggregation ie., a link between carrier networks and text messaging software providers An SMS aggregator sits between our software and all of the wireless carriers to ensure carrier compliance. Without them, we would need to work directly with every single carrier–there’s over 125 in the US–and try and make sense of all their specific requirements.WANMX is a hosted SMS trading system that is 100% carrier-neutral and simple to use. It is designed exclusively for SMS wholesale and retail businesses, and it covers everything from partner management to pricing and routing, support and testing, billing, and reporting. It’s ideal for SMS aggregators, voice carriers, MNOs, OTTs, and enterprises, and it’s designed to drive revenue and grow with your business.


The system also includes SMPP Server, SMPP Client, wholesale customer panel, retail customer panel, reseller panel, and an admin panel application to help you manage your operations. You can create an unlimited number of administrative users and limit different access levels by managing the roles assigned to the admin users.


SMS Platform is a fully functional business SMS platform for voice carriers, SMS aggregators, mobile operators, over-the-top (OTT) providers, and businesses. The platform is a turnkey SMS trading solution that is hosted. It is simple to use, and does not require any hardware or software. You can run your SMS wholesale business from start to end with our SMS Platform, which includes extensive message testing, effective routing, price options, and a built-in financing and invoicing system.


With minimal manual work, run the complete SMS wholesale business and resell SMS traffic all over the world from a single location!

The pricing packages are highly appealing, and they were specifically designed to facilitate lucrative SMS trading for our wholesale clients. Using the platform’s testing and monitoring capabilities, monetize wholesale communications while eliminating excessive costs.



Fully loaded service

The feature-rich SMS trading platform has everything you need to manage and optimise your SMS wholesale business and r retail one. The user-friendly front-end is linked with a powerful back-end to make your journey easy and hassle free.

completely sales generation

wanmx wholesale and retail SMS platform is proven sales generation platform which help you to increase your sales and profit margins in a very attractive way and at the same time is secure, reliable, easy to use.

Pre integrated payment gateway

Your choice of payment providers. Choose from more than 65 pre-integrated online payment solutions, serving 230 countries and over 140 currencies.

cloud based

Cloud-based is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers ie., you do not need any hardware or software to run the service.

cost effective SMS platform

Our platform is a completely automated and managed solution that is entirely focused on reducing capital and operating costs. Intelligent and automated routing can help you save money on your routing operations.

failover routing

Failover routing lets you route traffic to a resource when the resource is healthy or to a different resource when the first resource is unhealthy. that way your servce ia aways up and running.